Blastable Drumming is an online subscription based drum school specialized in the genre of heavy metal.  In the Blastable Drumming Blueprint you will find step by step methods to approach the disciplines of heavy metal drumming. Blastable Drumming also runs a Community for its Premium members where you can upload progress videos, receive feedback and learn with your fellow students. The site is designed for you to learn when you want - where you want, and help you to improve your drumming skills significantly. 

This site and the Blastable Drumming Community is hosted by Bastian Thusgaard of the Swedish metal pioneers SOILWORK (read more in bio below).

"When I first fell in love with heavy metal music I lived in a small Danish town away from everything, so  there where never many to connect with musically. In the early days the neighbor across the street even put nails under the tires of my parents car to punish them for my drumming in the basement... I've become better since then! 

Once I started touring at age 24 I met drum students around the world that could relate to the experience I've had when transitioning into this genre we all love. That's why I wanted to come up with a concept where we can pursue our passion for heavy metal drumming and learn despite of time zones and locations. I'm definitely not a dinosaur, but I am old enough to know that I would have absolutely loved to get in on a site like this when I first started out. It could have sent me years ahead in time and saved me from a ton of trial and error... I urge you to do the smart thing and join our Community of Blastable Drummers". 

- Bastian Thusgaard


Instructor Bio:

Session musician, educator and drummer of Soilwork, The Arcane Order and Dawn of Demise. Bastian Thusgaard broke the international scene in 2016 when he replaced longtime Soilwork drummer Dirk Verbeuren, who left to play for metal titans Megadeth. With Bastian behind the drums Soilwork has delivered the critically acclaimed masterpieces 'Verkligheten', 'Övergivenheten' and EP 'A Whisp of the Atlantic' that led to several global top-10 chart entries and nominations for 'Best Metal Drummer' and 'Favorite Drumming Album' in recognized international media.

"I created Blastable Drumming with the purpose of uniting drummers despite of time zones and locations and serve as your path into the genre of heavy metal drumming. Its courses are designed to guide you through the disciplines of the metal genre and make you a better drummer".

Bastian Thusgaard

Drum Instructor and Founder of Blastable Drumming